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Nigerian govt reveals plan to regulate social media



Nigeria’s Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, said the federal government is working on the regulation of social networks. Mohammed revealed this during a press conference in Abuja on Tuesday.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The minister had announced that online platforms would be regulated, when he inaugurated a seven-man committee, to implement reforms in the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

According to Mohammed, the reforms that the committee will implement are recommendations approved by President Muhammadu Buhari. He also made it clear that no amount of criticism will stop the implementation of the approved recommendations.

“Gentlemen, since we launched our reform of the transmission industry, many Nigerians have contacted us, demanding that we also investigate how to disinfect the space of social networks.

“I can assure you that we are also working on how to inject sanity into the space of social networks, which, today, is totally out of control.

“No responsible government will sit down and allow false news and hate speech to dominate its media space, due to the ability of this threat to exploit our national failures to confront us and provoke a widespread conflagration.

“That is why we will continue to develop ways to address false news and hate speech until we eliminate both.

“Once the committee submits its report, we will immediately begin the implementation of the approved measures to inject sanity into our transmission industry,” he said.

“Many have praised our efforts to try to bring sanity to the airwaves, while some have attacked us and accused us of trying to stifle press freedom or gag

“In the first instance, let me tell you this. No number of attacks, sponsored or not, will stop the implementation of the approved recommendations.

“And only non-patriots and anarchists will oppose measures aimed at ending false news and hate speech, especially in our broadcast industry.

“But, as I have been saying, we do not intend to stifle freedom of expression or muzzle journalists or anyone. Once again, this Administration does not intend to silence the media or stifle freedom of expression. Our campaign is against false news and hates speech.

“However, if you participate in spreading false news or hate speech, you should worry, because we will not save you. We cannot allow false news and hate speech to become freedom of expression, because these Twin Siamese of Evil are capable of inflicting incalculable damage to our democracy and threatening our national unity,” said Mohammed.