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Nigerian political leaders receive strong warning from Ikedi Ohakim



A former governor of the state of Imo, Ikedi Ohakim, issued a severe warning to Nigerian political leaders, telling them to avoid the mistake the British made in Northern Ireland in handling the agitation of Biafran and the Independent People of Biafra, IPOB.

Nigeria Newspaper report that the former governor stated this when he delivered a conference entitled “Nigeria: the leadership question”, at the public service conference and awards ceremony of the Alumni Association of the University of Ibadan, chapter of the State of Imo on Saturday .

He said the British made an avoidable mistake in Northern Ireland, asking political leaders to adopt a peaceful negotiation to solve the problem of agitation.

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“They fell into the trap of believing that because they had power, weapons, soldiers and experience that dwarfed those of the insurgents, it didn’t matter what people thought of them.

“History tells us that Britain could not defeat the insurgents of Northern Ireland for more than twenty years,” he said.

Ohakim said the late President Musa Yar ‘Adua heeded this council and succeeded with the Niger Delta militants and the amnesty program. Quoting Attila the Hun, he said that “it is never wise to win in battle what can be gained through bloodless negotiations.”