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Nigerians react as APC suspends Adams Oshiomhole



The suspension of the national president of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, has aroused the reactions of Nigerians.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that the APC in Edo state suspended Oshiomhole on Tuesday State President Anselm Ojezua, who announced this in a statement Tuesday night, said Oshiomhole’s suspension followed the vote of distrust given by APC presidents in the 18 local government areas (LGA) of the state.

Remember that the state vice president of APC in Edo state, Kenneth Asekomhe was summoned earlier Tuesday saying: “After the meeting of the State Executive Committee, in accordance with Article 17, Section 5 of the 2014 APC constitution , as amended, the undersigned members pass a vote of no confidence to the Secretary of State of the party, Mr. Lawrence Okah, and is hereby removed from office.

Since then, its suspension has provoked reactions of Nigerians in social networks.

Here are some reactions gathered by Latest Nigeria newspaper from Twitter:

@Heisadebayo “APC suspended Oshiomhole for one of the reasons they don’t want what happened in the state of Zamfara or other parts of the country to happen in the state of Edo.”

@Mizterlachi “APC suspended Oshiomhole because he always wanted to impose himself, acting like a godfather.”

@arc_tobi “This is a case of the class captain expelling the headboy or his class.”

@Otunba_suave “Edo APC suspends Oshiomole. That’s how to make the tenant evict the landlord. ”

@Iamjayofficial “The state of Edo is not Lagos, you cannot pocket the state of Edo either APC or PDP. Edo people are too stubborn for a man to be a Lord over them, it cannot happen.”

@Son_of_Gavriel “The national president of APC, Oshiomole, was suspended by APC. I can assure you that before the next 2023 elections, Tinubu will definitely get his red card suspension. ”

@Comrade “Now that APC has suspended Adams Oshiomole statewide, does that affect his current position as National President?

@_Samuelopara “All politics is local. The National President of APC has obviously lost influence and relevance in the home. This is what the people of Lagos cannot do. ”

@ Jslide_123 “You can’t say you’ve fought the godfather and impose yourself as one. Edo people aren’t stupid.”

@ Ikosamede “From day one, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has not been able to meet the name of” comrade. “He once fought against the godfather in the state, but at this moment he WANTED DESIRELY to be one. It is a good thing for our democracy, since APC suspended Oshiomhole. “