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Nigerians react to MURIC’s call on Buhari to stop BBNaija



The concern for Muslim rights, MURIC, has been attacked by its appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to stop the broadcast of the reality show Big Brother Naija.

MURIC, in a statement sent to GISTOK, attacked the government of President Muhammadu Buhari for allowing the BBNaija show to continue.

The Islamic group described the program that was broadcast on national television as immoral, dangerous and bohemian.

However, Nigerians in social networks have opposed MURIC’s request to ban the reality show, arguing that the program has a rating of 18.

Here are some reactions gathered by GISTOK from Twitter:

@4eyedmonk “MURIC needs to know the difference between free-to-air TV and subscription based TV. DSTV where Big Brother is airing is a subscription based TV where you go to pay to consume content, because you want to not because you don’t have other options.”

@Zaddy_Nomso “#BBNaija is a paid TV station, if you don’t like it watch Nat Geo Wild. Some of our Moral leaders are assaulting Women and getting protected. MURIC where is this energy when there is suffering and killing in the land?

@Teefhay “As a muslim sef I’m sorry to say this but the leader of this MURIC is a fool.”

@Balogun3103 “MURIC sends petition letter to Buhari to cancel #BBNaija2019 with immediate effect. Nigeria is not Saudi Arabia.”

@Buzuzu7 “Dear MURIC more Nigerians die from hunger and depression and many more have no access to tv talk more of cable tv. Direct this energy at pressuring this government to make good policies that will have positive impact on the people.BBNaija2019 is the least of our problems.”

@UniqueItohan “So they are seeing tv reality show but blind to the havocs Fulani herdsmen are committing? You are telling me killing people in their own community, land or house is normal and can be over looked.”

@DamyAdeyemi “Although I’m not a fan of #BBNaija2019, but asking govt to ban it is just laughable.”

@Fikkypearl “MURIC I’ve not seen you guys cry out against Muslim clerics that rape girls, yet it’s BBNaija that’s your headache.You think Nigeria belongs to you, the show is rated 18 and let me remind you there’s parental control on DSTV. Stop making noise Falz is still waiting for you in court.”

@Ashawolord1 “Plsss tell ur MURIC to channel their energy on giving u better advice. We Nigerians are not complaining about #BBNaija at least that’s giving us much more pleasure than reading or watching ur Fulani herdsmen.”

@Ayurmeday “To start with, are we in a Muslim Country? Secondly, will stopping the reality show solve the country’s problems?

@Delaniyi “Must you watch it, BBNaija is rated 18.There are lot of porn site out there.If you dont go there, you wont see it.You and your kids should stop watching it if you think its immoral.”