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Nine butchered, four others missing in Ebonyi communal crisis



Ebonyi state governor, Chief David Umahi, frowned at the new killings of nine people in Ukwagba Ngbo in the state’s Ohaukwu LGA. The governor threatened to arrest and imprison interested parties in the area for allegedly sponsoring the massacre.

Today Nigeria Newspaper report that Umahi, who visited the headquarters of the Ohaukwu LGA council located at 135 along Abakaliki- Enugu, gave stakeholders in the area 24 hours to produce the murderers of the nine people and the other four missing in the area.

Lt. Governor Barr represents them. Kelechi Igwe, the governor, said it is a shame that stakeholders in the area, including the six former council presidents, allow the killings to affect the local government.

Recall, Ohaukwu LGA is the hometown of the former first civil governor of the state of Ebonyi, Dr. Sam Egwu, who is the current senator representing the northern senatorial area of ​​Ebonyi, but Ohaukwu LGA has been devastated with a serial crisis that They lead to murders of innocent people daily. Base.

“I am very bitter in my spirit. The first civil governor of this state and the grandfather of Ebonyi state is from this area of ​​local government. And right here inside, I can see about seven former regional government area presidents.

“It’s a shame for all of you. We did not come to paint pictures or clap for you. Do not fool the government. People from Agila have occurred every day. It is a pure lie; you know what is happening to you; you are killing yourself.

“You must know the people who are causing problems in your domain. Traditional rulers should be able to catch people who are causing problems. We have not arrived with the message of consolation but to issue a warning note.

“We are tired of hearing sentimental stories of what is happening in Ohaukwu. What we want is action. Some people wrote a commitment to the government. Most of you are here, and for those who are not part of it, we will make you part of it. Because they had agreed that if something as tragic as this happens in Ohaukwu again, we should hold them accountable.

“All these people who signed that company must produce the people who were killed and those who assaulted Affirm. You can configure a guard to do that. Enough is enough. We must stop playing,” warned Umahi.

Earlier in a comment, the chairman of the Ohaukwu LGA council, Barr. Clement Odah, while narrating the incident, attributed the murders to some people who are not happy with his administration.

“Yesterday, we went to the community of Ukwagba in Ningbo, where the victims that added nine people and ten of the latest information were killed, slaughtered in their homes.

“There is a situation we were trying to handle that some people who were Ezza brothers went to burial in Effuim in Enugu state. There were 30 people in number when they arrived at the rest house in Ishielu LGA, one of them was involved in an accident, they took him to the general hospital of Ezzimgbo.

“While they were there, four people left them and went ahead at 30 to attend the funeral leaving behind the other 26, but when they arrived in Agbaesa, they were intercepted by boys who blocked the roads. Then, when the additional 26 arrived at the burial site, they couldn’t find the other four people who left them in the hospital, “he said.