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Nnamdi Kanu reveals what IPOB will do to South East governors owing salaries



The leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has revealed what his group would do to the southeastern governors who owe wages while traveling abroad.

Today Nigeria newspaper report that Kanu revealed that members of his group would continue to hold Nigerian politicians responsible for the services they were chosen to provide to the people.

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The IPOB leader said the governor’s wages and travel around the world will stop. He made the revelation yesterday during an interview with Rose Peter Graham, host of “Rose On All Sides,” on Ben TV, UK, UK.

Kanu again condemned the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, describing it as something that should not be happening in this current generation. He said: “Very soon, any governor who has not paid wages will no longer come abroad. If you owe fees, you are no longer allowed to go overseas.

“You deposit the salaries of the teachers, collect the wages of the pensioners, you can no longer come abroad. So this is just the beginning. We will not attack them. We will ask them questions. It is called a picket. It is allowed within the scope of democratic rules.

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“Then, if we see you, we will ask you what you have been doing with the salaries of the teachers, the nurses and why you are not paying people and what are you doing here? “Any governor who owes workers once we catch him abroad will tell us what he is doing with the wages he is supposed to pay.

“It doesn’t matter where you come from, but once we catch you, you must explain why you haven’t paid for six months, nine months, four months, and where is the money? “Everyone is in line with what we are doing, except the criminals. We are all in line with what we are doing.

“There is no time in this world in which any process of agitation is acceptable to all or accessible to all. When Nnamdi Azikiwe was campaigning for Nigeria to be free of colonial rule, he was sent to prison.

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“Many people felt he was radical and declined to associate with him. But in the end, he managed to free Nigeria without knowing that we jumped from the pan to the fire.

“Awolowo was the same. He was a mark of fire. Many people did not like his approach from the beginning, but by reflecting and reviewing what he did and how he managed to accomplish them, people have come to understand that he had good intentions for his people.

Today Nigeria newspaper also report that these things are happening, most people would not appreciate it, but I am sure that in the coming years, historians will remember what is happening today.”