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No BVN, no salary – Umahi tells Ebonyi workers



Ebonyi state governor, chief David Umahi, on Wednesday declared his government’s willingness not to pay November and December salaries to state officials who do not have the bank verification number, BVN.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Umahi made himself known by addressing the delegation of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, who paid him a courtesy visit in the Exco, Government House, Abakaliki chambers.

However, the governor expressed dissatisfaction with the state of the state account, which qualifies Ebonyi as the lowest in Financial Inclusion and Access in the Southeast.

According to him: “Anyone who does not have BVN should not expect a salary, no BVN has no salary, whether political or not. The Deputy Governor has BVN and I have BVN. Therefore, any politically designated person who does not have BVN, no has a salary Any official who does not have BVN or who has incompletely or intentionally BVN has given an incorrect BVN, I have noticed it and that person will not have a salary until he has BVN.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Commissioner for local government, you must implement it immediately. There is no salary for the months of November, December until everyone has a BVN, this is very important. So, some of you who haven’t opened an account for the first time in your life, now open an account. They said that Ebonyi is the one that least opens bank accounts, it shouldn’t be, “he said.

Earlier in his comment, CBN branch controller Adayi Chris Onah stated that the performance of financial access in the country’s geopolitical areas showed that the southeast has an average exclusion rate of 29.3%.

He noted that the state of Ebonyi has an exclusion rate of 43.6%, which is above the national average of 36.8% and the region average of 29.3%. He also revealed that other states in the area were registering an average of between 25.4% and 28.7%.

He noted that the low inclusion rate was the reason why the bank chose the state as a pilot state for the program of the account opening week in the Southeast. He said the program would begin from December 2 to 7, 2019.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Onah said the state government has accessed more than N12bn through various bank interventions, while other people and businesses in the state also accessed more than N4bn.