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NYSC DG speaks on corps members expelled for refusing to wear trousers



The General Director of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brigadier General. Shuaibu Ibrahim, has expressed concern about the recent controversy over the dress code for body members.

In a statement issued by Mrs. Adenike Adeyemi, NYSC Press and Public Relations Director, Ibrahim urged body members to always adhere to the dress code.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that NYSC dismissed two Corp members from the orientation camp for refusing to wear pants

The statement read: “The DG notes with great concern the negative perception of the dress code of the scheme, which arises mainly from the disobedience of some members of the body to the dictates of the code.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the scheme has maintained a dress code since May 22, 1973 when it was established, without ethnic, religious or gender bias.

“The code is still a pair of khaki pants and shirt; crest vest; white vest; a pair of white shorts; a pair of zebra striped socks; a pair of jungle boots; a pair of canvases; Fez cap and belt. This depends on the activity of the camp at any time and at any time.”

Ibrahim added that the NYSC camp, based on discipline and decency, is a training ground for body members. Any other dress code contrary to the one officially sanctioned will not promote the course of decency,” he said.

According to him, it will be reprehensible that a member of the female body embarks on the obstacle crossing and other physical training activities in the camp, including parade, skirt or gown. Those will expose it indecently, thus leaving little or nothing to the imagination.

“Management watched with dismay the disfigurement of the NYSC uniform by some body members by reshaping their khaki pants, making them tight to the skin, which unduly exposes their curvatures, particularly the members of the female body.

“Some others, in the name of religion, turn the pants that were given to them into skirts. The scheme, therefore, considers the harmful act as an affront to decency on the one hand and the authority constituted by the other.

“It was for that reason that the scheme emerged with the policy that potential body members sign commitment forms that they will not damage the NYSC uniform, but will comply with the dress code for body members,” Add the statement. The NYSC CEO clarified that the organization did not issue hijab as part of its dress code.

“Rather, the scheme allows the use of white hijab, which should not be longer than the shoulder and should be tucked into the uniform. The policy of allowing the hijab, which does not damage the NYSC uniform, is not new, since it has been there.

“The NYSC wishes to assure Nigerians and record that it will continue to be resolved in the pursuit of its central mandate to achieve a united, integrated, egalitarian and hate-free nation.

“It will never do anything wrong to undermine or reduce for free the rights of individuals or institutions based on parish considerations,” he said.