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Ogun: FUNAAB students flee as armed robbers visit hostels three times in a week



Students at the Abeokuta Federal University of Agriculture (FUNAAB) in Ogun State can no longer sleep with both eyes closed for fear that they might be stolen overnight.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that But the vice chancellor of the university, Prof. Kolawole Salako, said the recent burglary incidents occurred only in private hostels, which he said were far from the main campus.

There were cases when students at the federal university were robbed by unknown gunmen.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that the last robbery, which took place on Thursday, was the third in seven days without police arrest.

As reported, armed robbers reportedly ran off with five iPhone 11, six necklaces, some money, four generator sets and other valuables.

The situation, it was learned, led to the mass exodus of students from affected hostels to safer homes in the Obantoko and Osiele areas of Abeokuta to avoid being robbed.

However, the deputy chancellor said that FUNAAB management and the owners of the affected private hostels are making efforts to prevent a repeat robbery; adding that police and other security officers were at the top of the matter.

While speaking to journalists on Monday, Salako dismissed rumors that the robbery occurred at any of the hostels inside the university premises; to say that it was “a lie orchestrated by some unscrupulous elements to cause confusion and incite students against university administration.”

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that He also denied having asked students to sign an indemnity form to prevent them from protesting the incessant assault incidents, as reported by online media.

Previously, FUNAAB management had called off-campus hostel owners and agents to engage private security personnel individually or collectively to ensure the safety of the lives and properties of the students they accommodate as tenants.

The vice chancellor made the call when he led the management and the Student Union Executive on a visit to two stolen private hostels last week.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Salako noted with dismay that no security measures were provided by the owners of the affected hostels, which, he said, are located far away in isolated places.

He therefore urged building owners to employ security personnel to secure their hostels for student safety.

He invited parents to regularly visit their children or wards in order to know the type of environment in which they live; saying, “During my visit to the affected hostels, I found that they were isolated from other rented apartments. I wonder if parents who care for their children will allow them to live in such a thick and deserted area. “