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Oshiomhole, Magu met in secret, planned to eliminate, jail me – Okorocha tells court



Judge Taiwo Taiwo of the Federal High Court, Abuja, has granted an ex parte motion that prevents the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the EFCC,

the Department of State Services, the DSS and other security agencies from investigating or arresting the former governor of the state of Imo, Rochas Okorocha.

Before the judge’s decision, Okorocha told the court that he obtained information from a detective from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,

EFCC, that the interim President of the commission, Ibrahim Magu, and the National President of the Congress of All Progressives , Adams Oshiomhole, were holding secret meetings about how to eliminate or imprison him.

The former governor also made available a text message that the agent sent to the court.

The text message provided by Okorocha says: “Excellency, I would like to give you this information. You must be careful. There is a plan to eliminate or sink you politically.

They said that you wanted to compete for the deputy presidency of the Senate, a position that will give you an advantage to compete as president in 2023, so you should do everything possible to get out of the way.

“The arrowhead of this plot is Adams Oshiomhole. He has sworn that it will prevent him from fulfilling his ambition and the first step to achieve this was to ensure that his preferred successor did not emerge. He has been having secret meetings with our President, Ibrahim Magu, on his issue.

“One of my colleagues, Abdullahi, was entrusted with the task of contacting the INEC and meeting with an Aminu in the INEC legal department and two powerful women in the department, as well as with some national commissioners on their issue.” .

Okorocha, in his initial motion with complaint number FHC / ABJ / CS / 475/19, told the court that he had been severely attacked by Oshiomhole because he had acted against his attempt to become the National President of the All Congress. the Progressives. , APC.

In a sworn affidavit, the former governor said the APC national president also blamed him for his alleged arrest by the State Department of Services during the preparations for the 2019 general election.

He further stated: “The plan has now reached a crescendo and desperation in view of the fact that the respondents did not find anything incriminating against me and the decision that the instigator of the respondents has now taken is to arrest me and detain me in Abuja.”

Okorocha also stated that his wife, children and in-laws were already being targeted.

However, in a sworn counter-statement, the EFCC refuted all the accusations made against it by the legislator.

In the sworn anti-affidavit deposed by the EFCC litigation, Samson Oloje, the commission said that the senator’s claim that an agent informed him of secret meetings between Oshiomhole and Magu had no basis.

Also in their affidavits, the State Department of Services, DSS, the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation and Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Crimes Commissions denied Okorocha’s claims that APC was using them to victimize him.