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Osun: How Supreme Court robbed Adeleke, PDP – Lawyers condemn ruling affirming Oyetola’s victory



A civil rights organization, the Coalition of Lawyers and Public Defenders of Public Interest (COPILA), expressed concern over the verdict of the Supreme Court that confirmed the victory of Gov. Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

They wondered why the Supreme Court would punish the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Ademola Adeleke, due to the alleged absence of Judge Peter Obiora during one of the court sessions.

According to the organization, through that action, the apex court has spit substantially against the electorate of Osun and high technicalities against substantive justice.

“It is only in a corrupt entity called Nigeria that the error of a judge in a case is resolved as the error of a litigant!”, Said the coalition.

The coordinator of COPILA, Pelumi Olajengbesi, in a statement issued on Sunday in Abuja entitled: “State of Osun: an aberration of justice imposed by the Supreme Court,” said the verdict has killed “the long vision of the liberation of the state of Osun. ”

He said that although the judiciary has been referred to as the last hope of the common man and the fourth state that upholds the pillars of any democracy, the Supreme Court made a mistake in the Osun state example.

Olajengbesi said: “The journey to the challenge of what we have known as the truth has been arduous and difficult. The road to justice was full of setbacks, proxy wars, shadow battles and concerted efforts that meticulously threw a wool over the eyes of justice against the good people of the state of Osun.

“Today, our apex court spat substantially in the face of Osun’s electorate, undermining a key characteristic of his own creation, which is that manifest justice must be done and seen to be done at all times.

“We have witnessed a large part of the integrity of our Supreme Court in tatters and its insistence on ignoring a substantial claim whose merit affects the life and livelihood of a state and its people to follow the path of technology.”

The coalition praised the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Senator Ademola Adeleke, “whose effervescence, free spirit and resistance strengthened their faith in the courts to do the right thing.”

Olajengbesi said: “Apparently, their faith in the courts and in our judicial process has not been rewarded and has been sacrificed in the framework of the vain glorious search for legalism and its condemned rigidity.

“Some of us believe that Adeleke duly won the election and a referendum by our people, despite the fact that the courts have not taken into account the same for the change of legal summers. Adeleke is a man of vision and focus, faithful to the values ​​that underline the unity, growth and development of the people.

“He was brave and bold, and he refused to be stuck in the antics of his opponents to sacrifice the mandate of the people.” We celebrate the tenacity of Adeleke, and it is our prayer that history remembers him for defending in defense of what is just.

“Our dear great people of the state of Osun, beautiful brave men and women, have persevered in recent months under a state government that, after having stolen the mandate of the people, did not prioritize their needs.

“We have taken many steps backwards from the regrettable robbery at the polls and, unfortunately, the Supreme Court has made it worse, killing the long vision of the liberation of the state of Osun.”