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Oyo ADC Warns Unity Forum Faction, Urges Makinde To Beware Of Political Jobbers



The Oyo State chapter of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) has warned members of the Unity Forum Faction of the party to stop anti party activities over purported communique issued recently.

In a statement made available to Insideoyo newspaper on Thursday, issued by Alhaji Wasiu Emiola, State Secretary and Barr. Bimpe Adelowo, the Publicity Secretary, the party advised Governor Seyi Makinde to be careful of political jobbers.

The party while urging members to remain calm and support the Governor Seyi Makinde-led administration also stated clearly that those that signed the communique are not members of the party executive.

Oyo ADC re-emphasised his commitment to the coalition of Engr Seyi Makinde-led administration and said it is ready to nurture it.

The statement reads in full:



The State Executive Committee while following up some of the decisions reached at the Expanded State Executive Committee meeting held on 24th October 2019, conveyed State Executive Meeting which was earlier slated to hold on 30th October at the Party’s Office Oke-Bola, Ibadan to review and to draw up modalities for the implementation of some of the decisions arrived at the Expanded meeting. And in the course of the meeting our attention was drawn to a Communique purportedly authored, signed and released by the Majority members of Unity forum bloc of Oyo State ADC on the 29th October 2019 in connivance with their misguided sympathizers.

While x-raying the purported Communique the State Executive Committee resolved that it would not have been necessary to dignify the promoters of the purported communique and the content of the Communique with any response, for such neither deserve any attention nor worth wasting efforts on; more so, we would have ignored the said Communique in its entirety and  take it as one of the ranting antics of the distractors, political scavengers and drowning elements who are in their desperate bid to curry favour from His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde resort to an anti-democratic politics; but in order not to allow desecration of political space by sending wrong signal to the enlightened public about what ADC Oyo State stands for, it becomes extremely necessary to address issues accordingly to relief  the sensitivity and sensibility of the enlightened public  from the negative effect of their anti-democratic politics as follows;

The purported communique under reference did not in any way represent position of the ADC both at National and state level, the purported Communique is one the sour and toxic products of anti-democratic agents and political merchants.

One Oluokun Olusola Peters who co-signed the purported communique as State Organising Secretary has never and is never being ADC state Organising Secretary and as such he is not known to our party in Oyo State.

Many names which appeared on the purported communique were included without the consent of the name bearers- for instance, Mr. Timothy Ige and some of the people whose names were cited on the communique were never participants to such charade and they have come out openly to deny their participation in such an anti-democratic project.

The so called stakeholders meeting where purported communique was issued was not called by the organ of the party which is empowered to call any meeting at all, and such gathering would not have been a meeting of ADC recognized by the party and receive the blessing of the National Headquarters of our party.

The purported communique was basically centered on authors or the promoters disassociating themselves from the communique duly issued by the right organ of the party, the State Executive Committee at the conclusion of a duly called Expanded State Executive Committee meeting held on 24th October 2019 at the Party Office Oke-Bola Ibadan.

And the State Executive committee communique referred to above summarily identified ADC as an active participant in the Coalition Government led by His Excellency Gov.  Seyi Makinde and equally asserted the position of the ADC as a registered political party which exist to gain political power like any other political parties would do under democratic settings. And by this understanding we are duty bound to protect our independence by reorganize ourselves into viable platform that will continue to drive people centered policies for the good of the masses.

n addressing an irresponsibly and reckless statements credited to one of the arrow heads of the charade we are witnessing that “our party has not been holding meetings since after the elections”- we take such statement as clear manifestation of the fact that these people have lose touch of the reality, and that is unfortunate and highly regrettable.

The State Executive has held several statutory meetings and Expanded meeting and set up various committees who have worked on several issues before the Acting Chairman was procured sometimes late August 2019 by some disgruntle elements within the party and rendered him redundant to perform his executive responsibilities.

It so unfortunate that the same set of failed politicians who at one time or  another were at the helms of affairs in Oyo and majority whom worked with the immediate past government that bequeathed the Pace Setter State with anti-social tendencies are now at forefront signing praises of Governor Seyi Makinde. These are set of politicians who only occupying Oyo State Political space for what they can gain not for what they can offer.

There was nowhere State Executive has ever misrepresented the position of our great party by saying “we are looking for alternative to Governor Seyi Makinde”- our interest as political is primarily centered on the people and means of serving people for maximum benefits, and this is more reason our party is participating in the Coalition Government and we are in full support of every good programme being initiated and implemented by the Coalition Government led by His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde.

However, we want to state here that participating in the Coalition Government has not rendered our party a surrogate to another party, we must therefore organize and rebuild our party and make it viable and formidable to be able to contribute meaningfully and effectively to the Coalition Government for the benefit of the people of Oyo State.

We are a responsible political party who understanding the dynamics and dimension of politics and governance, so we are not unaware of the fact that not every member of the coalescent parties will be appointed for one position or another but instead of putting His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde under pressure to accommodate every members we would rather structure our party to help the Coalition government succeed.

At this juncture, we want to state it categorically that the era of controlling the structure and organs of the party from the room corner of elders or leaders has gone for good- leaders and elders are members of the party and they are our valuable assets, it is therefore necessary for them to support all efforts which will make our members to imbibe principle of party supremacy.

In conclusion, while commending the State governor His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde for his giant strides in turning Oyo State key institutions around since the inception of this administration, we want to appeal to His Excellency to be wearied of the sycophants who  all what they are out for is appointments and how to satisfy their insatiable appetite for positions.

We equally urge our teeming members to remain calm, law abiding and supportive to all good efforts of the Government; disregard divisive tendencies of those who want to create unstable political climate in order to festering their self-serving agenda.