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PDP Attack APC of hiring gunmen to kidnap, invade homes of party stalwarts



The People Democratic Party (PDP), on Saturday, raised the alarm that armed men dressed in military uniforms have been invading the homes of their party members before the November 16 governing elections.

He also specifically claimed that Musa Adelabu, president of the Okene local government chapter, was kidnapped to an unknown destination. The spokesman for the opposition party, Kola Ologbondiyan, made these accusations in a statement in Abuja.

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In his words, “The PDP alerts Nigerians about how armed men dressed in military uniforms have been invading the homes of PDP members, including the president of the Okene LGA party chapter, Musa Adelabu, whom the gunmen kidnapped in An unknown destination.

“The PDP has information that the assailants were sponsored and detailed by desperate elements in APC who have become frantic by the overwhelming rejection of their party in the state of Kogi.

“The APC is aware that it has already lost ground in the state of Kogi, after its unfortunate performance in the last four years under outgoing governor Yahaya Bello, and as such, it is looking for ways to force its way through manipulations, harassment, coercion, and intimidation, which will be resolutely resisted by the people of the state of Kogi.

“Our party has also realized how a long list of Kogi citizens and PDP supporters has been presented to individual committed security agents and urges the police and military high command to take measures to curb the situation.

“The PDP, in unequivocal terms, declares that it supports the people of the state of Kogi in a firm resistance to any atrocious plot by the APC to prevent people from voting in November.

“Three days ago,” added Ologbondiyan, “another vocal member of the PDP in the state, Abdul-salam Kunaye, was picked up similarly.”

Ologbondiyan claimed that the APC leadership “has only brought unbearable poverty, deprivation, suicide, meaningless looting, impunity and total disregard for the welfare of citizens and nothing can detract from people’s resolve to free their state from the alleged oppressive claws of APC. “”

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The PDP said that, despite the difficulties, the people of the state have already decided to vote for the Congress of All Progressives (APC).

He demanded the immediate release of the president of Okene LGA and all the hostages, saying that his imprisonment was already generating tensions capable of causing severe consequences.

He said: “The people of the state of Kogi are looking at the PDP to rescue the nation from tyranny, and nothing can prevent them from achieving their resolution to vote in the PDP, which is their party of choice, in the governor elections of November 16 “…

The party promised to remain united in victory with the people of the state.