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PDP witness raises allegation of $10,000 bribe against INEC officer at tribunal



A witness of the People Democratic Party, PDP, Peter Ali, on Wednesday in the Petition for Presidential Election alleged that an official of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Abubakar Kaura was found with a sum of $ 10,000 on the day of the election.

Ali, who said he was the neighborhood colleague, also alleged that the $ 10,000 was a bribe for the INEC officer to manipulate the outcome of the election results in the Nasarawa state area.

Under interrogation by INEC lawyer, Yunus Usman, SAN, Ali admitted that he reported the matter to the police, which he said was subsequently transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Office for further investigation.

When asked if he knew if anyone had been charged by the aforementioned indictment, he said he did not know and even added that he has no report on the outcome of the investigation.

In addition, the INEC lawyer asked him if he signed the EC88 form under duress, but in his response, he said he signed it voluntarily, mainly because his party won in the room.

In addition, Ali said the allegation he testified in court was not evidence of rumors, but said he went on a hint to personally witness the alleged $ 10,000 dollars that are in the custody of the INEC official.

The witness also stated that of the 24 units in the room, he could only receive the results of 23 units, excluding the unit where the complaint was allegedly made.

In addition, on Temeko’s Sunday, another PDP witness alleged that the INEC officers within the areas of their official duty as an agent of the opposition party blatantly rejected the election results of the units in which it was clearly believed that the PDP was winning overwhelmingly.