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Police give details on killing of 6 persons in Rivers



Police leadership on the rivers confirmed the murder of six people during a violent demonstration of angry young people in Chukusho, an area of local Aceh government.

A leadership spokesman, DSP Nnamdi Omuni, confirmed the murder in a statement Thursday, in Port Harcourt.

He revealed some reports from the media that 15 people died during an alleged deadly attack on passengers traveling through the communities of Aceh to Uri and beyond.

“The social media reports added that the angry youths also burnt a police station as well as engaged the army and police in a gun battle. “Ordinarily, we would have ignored this baseless and unverifiable report that is intended to cause panic and tension in the state.

“In order not to allow the public form a dangerous opinion, we, therefore, thought it wise and expedient to correct this fake news,” he stated. Omoni said the command had deployed mobile policemen after receiving a distress call on Dec. 7 following a blockage of Okomoko-Chokocho Bridge by protesters.

He said policemen, on arrival at the scene, dismantled the barricade and restored normalcy to the area.

“Thereafter, a team led by the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Joseph Anche, recovered five corpses in a river in the area. “This discovery, however, sparked off another round of protest, which our men were able to contain.

“At the end of the day, six people died, in contrast to the 15 deaths reported, while no police station was burned and no passengers were assaulted and killed as expected,” he said.

A police spokesman said the Rivers Police Commissioner, C., had brought a normal life to the area. In my Mustafa Dandora, who initiated a large-scale investigation into the murders.

He added that the investigation will allow the police to determine the circumstances surrounding the murders and reveal the identities of the perpetrators. Then, CP Dandaura calls on the residents of Etche to remain calm and confident in the ability of the matter to protect their lives and property,” he said.