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Presidential Tribunal: FG has bastardised judiciary – Mba Ukweni



The Chamber Chief, Mba Ukweni and Associates, Mba Ekpezu Ukweni, Senior Defenders of Nigeria (SAN) has claimed that the Federal Government of Nigeria has basted the judicial arm of the government.

In response to the PDP and APC Presidential Election Petition Judgment, SAN Mba told Naija News by telephone on Thursday that the Judiciary had been mistreated.
He said: “The judiciary had already become a bastard for the Federal Government, the trial does no good, but it does more harm to the judiciary.

“The judiciary had already been reduced by the executive to nothing; There is no longer respect for the judiciary. Most state governors, including our state governor, Professor Ben Ayade, are trying to follow the same path of weakening the judiciary and do so at their own risk.

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“If they don’t know what they are doing, it is bringing anarchy, it is the judiciary that keeps the balance in society.” By weakening the judiciary and making the judiciary do what the people in power want, it will ruin us and our children, children. ”

The SAN said that “the review is now up to the Supreme Court; or affirmed the judgment or takes a different position, if they feel that the decisions made are correct or incorrect.

He said the established legal procedure is that, if he is aggrieved or not satisfied with the ruling, he can appeal it in the higher court.

Consequently, on the issue of the certificate, the SAN regretted that it was worrying that the President said that he attended school without a certificate and completed his forms indicating that he had that certificate and at the end of the day, said certificate was not seen or is not there.

“That is what the Supreme Court will look at and decide whether or not the court of appeals was right in the circumstances.

Interestingly, on the issue that the president lied under oath, Mba noted that the court of appeal was of the opinion that the man had a higher grade, went to an officer’s course that for them is higher than the high school certificate and They said there is no way it would have been for the training of officers when they do not have a school certificate.

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“The school certificate by constitutional interpretation has been diluted, even a carpenter can be interpreted as a school certificate, a carpenter who had not attended primary school can say that he is a holder of the school certificate insofar as he has attended any training.

“The interpretation of the section has reduced the certificate to nothing. Truly and to be fair too, for the sake of further development of the law, I believe that the decision of the court of appeal should not be the end.

“It will not do us good and for the proper development of the law, we leave it that way. It is good that the Supreme Court has one final word on that pronouncement so that it becomes an established provision of the law, ”he said.