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Prove you have political will to protect Nigerians – Northern coalition challenges Buhari



Following recent events that threaten the fundamental essence of Nigeria’s unity, a Northern Coalition Group has extended a severe challenge to President Muhammadu Buhari Government to show the country that it can safeguard the nation’s corporate existence.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The North Group Coalition requires the Federal Government to prove its ability to protect citizens throughout the North as minimal evidence that it is serious about their responsibilities,” the CNG said.

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Speaking, the group’s spokesman, AbdulAziz Suleiman, the chairman of the Board of Trustees, Natura Shariff, and the president of the Coalition, Balarabe Rufai, said Sunday at a press conference at the Kano Press Center that it is about time that the Government demonstrates its seriousness to protect citizens.

They said: “We warn that if an immediate end to the violence that plagues the North is not achieved, the concern of apparent system failure will be confirmed and that the authorities left the region where communities will have the only option to take action.” to protect yourself. ”

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Abdulaziz Suleiman said the CNG demands that the Federal Government, governors, and legislators of the north take immediate steps to reaffirm the rights of each Nigerian to practice the religion of his choice anywhere.

In this context, the group is moving forward to obtain comprehensive statistics of all private establishments in the north, including companies, banking and financial institutions, educational institutions, telecommunications agencies, hotels and recreation centers, pension companies, legal firms, centers of health, profit-oriented NGOs, insurance agencies and actions with the aim of seeking the review of the composition of its staff.

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“With this, we mean from now on, that the Northerners in their region would take 70 percent for the indigenous states, 15 percent for the catchment areas in the north, while 15 percent can go anywhere.”.

In the same vein, they affirmed that they will approach all indigenous contractors to obtain preference in awarding all the contracts of all the governors of the region and that the money of the area should not be used to support other groups or people of the South.