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Real Reason Buhari Withdrew Gun Licence From Nigerians – Ozekhome



Sacred legal advisor Mike Ozekhome (SAN) has revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari pulled back authorized weapons from Nigerians to diminish the IPOB and Niger Delta activists. The Senior legal advisor-owned this known in an expression titled ‘President Muhammadu Buhari’s Executive Order Withdrawing Gun Licenses: The Legal and Social Consequences.’

Ozekhome noticed that the request opens honest Nigerians to the deadly exercises of herders, hijackers and Boko Haram fear mongers. The announcement peruses: “Usually, one would have promptly commended President Muhammadu for marking an Executive Order restricting ownership of weapons, having respect to the unbridled multiplication and purchase of little and medium scale politically persuaded and mandatorily-actuated arms as of now available for use.

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“Notwithstanding, Buhari’s sectionalistic view of administration from the obscure crystal of ethnicity and religious subtleties don’t give one such euphoric solace of nationalistically actuated choices. “It appears to me a panicky measure intended to hinder the dangers by Niger Delta activists to pronounce their Republic by first of June, and furthermore, for now, notable battle by IPOB for self-assurance.

“Whatever be his reasons, the president and his handlers seemed to have lost the bigger image of the residents’ rights to life and self-protection. “Segment 33 of the 1999 Constitution accommodates the privilege to experience. “Area 258 of the Criminal Code which works in the Southern piece of Nigeria and areas 59-60 of the Penal Code that works in the North, all certification the privilege to self-protection and the barrier of one’s property.

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“What the Executive Order has accidentally done is to leave legit and honest Nigerians most defenseless against the over the top lethal and phlebotomy exercises of pirates, herders, Terrorists, outfitted looters, and hijackers. “Individuals may now choose to have these arms illicitly and covert as guerrilla strategies, since even a real permit can’t ensure same, after exhaustive screening by law requirement organizations.

“All things considered, self-safeguarding is the supreme law of nature. “The Executive request is additionally gravely imperfect as in those known and famous to wrongfully have these equivalent arms, as herders, were not named by any stretch of the imagination. “There now has all the earmarks of being two arrangements of laws for Nigerians.

“Review that a similar government had unfathomably set up a unique radio system station for this over the spoiled arrangement of ‘predominant Nigerians.’ “No musing was given to the similarly ignorant Nigerians of those networks whose spouses are every day assaulted in their homes, kids killed without a second thought, farmlands attacked, crops eaten and such homesteads at that point set burning. “I generally wonder who exhorts Mr. President. As Harry Truman once pronounced: ‘it’s time to take care of business.'”