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Retired primary school teacher threatens to divorce wives over govt’s refusal to pay his entitlements



A retired primary school teacher, under the Ningi Local Education Authority, Alhmadu Bello Dan Azumi, threatened to divorce their wives if the Bauchi government refused to pay their retirement benefits before the end of November.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The teacher, who said that his elderly mother had prevented him before committing suicide, wanted the total payment of his rights (tips) for a total of one million four hundred ninety-five thousand one hundred twelve Koira (1,495,112.04) and nine arrears in pensions.

Alhamdu Bello Dan Azumi, who retired in 2016 at grade level 07, step 12, earlier this year, paid N300,000 part of his tip payment but said he wanted his rights in full to settle the enormous debts which he had incurred so far.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that He threatened that, if the government refused to liquidate the money in full, it would return the money he had paid so far to the public coffers.

Alhamdu said life has become complicated after retirement, especially when debts continue to accumulate on him, including those he had. He denied claims in some sectors that he has a mental illness.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Alhamdu has also written to a human rights organization in Bauchi to intervene in the case.

When the Permanent Secretary was contacted, the Board of Pensions of the Local Government of the State of Bauchi said that he needed authorization from the office of the Head of the Civil Service of the state to speak and press on the case of Alhamdu Bello.

However, the Permanent Secretary confirmed to POSTAL DIARIO that Alhamdu had also sent a letter to a human rights organization in Bauchi, which in turn formally wrote to the board.

He said the board is currently working on a response to the human rights organization. Other board staff, who was also not authorized to speak with the press, told this media that the board paid Dan Azumi N300,000 at the beginning of the year due to their difficulties.

According to him, Dan Azumi, who retired in 2016, should not have received a penny because the board is currently only resolving the rights of that person who retired in 2011.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that the number of workers who retired under the state local government pension board that had not yet received their rights and the total amount of money involved, but the Permanent Secretary declined to comment.

However, Latest Nigeria newspaper might remember that at the end of the immediate past of the Mohammed Abubakar administration, the total amount of retirement benefits due to retired workers of the state and local government was more than N16 billion.