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Senate pushes for end to gas flaring, says Nigeria lost $197 billion in two years



The Nigerian Se” ate on Wednesday urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to intensify efforts to diversify crude oil towards natural gas production to end the burning of gas by 2020.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that In a motion passed in the plenary session on the need to monitor the Nigerian Bengal Marketing Program toward gas burning, which was sponsored by Senator Betty Apiafi and co-sponsored by 47 other Senators, she said, the natural gas burning was harmful to humans, as well as a loss of income.

He said data obtained from the World Association for the Reduction of Gas Explosion of the World Bank in 2001 indicated that “Nigeria was the sixth largest country of gas combustion in the world, and the second-largest in Africa after Algeria. ”

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The Rivers legislator said laws against gas-burning had been implemented since 1984, saying that gas burning in Nigeria remains illegal.

“Section 3 (1) of the Associated Gas Reinjection Act, chap. A25 LFN 2004 states that no company engaged in the production of oil and gas shall produce after 1 January 1984 burned gas in association with or without the written permission of the minister.

“Only in 2018, according to data obtained from the National Petroleum Corporation of Nigeria (NNPC), the oil and gas industry that operates in the country threw a total of 215.9 billion standard cubic feet of natural gas that represented a loss of income of more than $ 197 billion.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The legislator added that Nigeria’s reserve was approximately three times the value of its crude oil reserves with a value of 202 billion cubic feet.

After its presentation, the Senate decided to establish an Ad-Hoc Committee with the mandate to monitor the implementation of the NGFCP.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The Senate also resolved to review and recommend an upward penalty for noncompliance in line with global best practices.