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Senate Threatens To stop Bet9ja ‘For Non-Remittance Of Dues’ To Nigerian Government



The Senate Committee on Youth and Sports on Tuesday took steps to arrange the shutdown of Bet9ja office if the organization neglected to respect its welcome for a second time.

Talking on the floor of the House amid the check of loto organizations with the permit to work in Nigeria, Sen. Obinna Ogba (PDP, Ebonyi), Chairman of the Committee, said tragically Bet9ja wouldn’t respect the council’s welcome.

He trained the agent of the House to compose the mainstream wagering site once more, compromising that inability to respect the House’s welcome for the third time will procure the wagering site perpetual conclusion.

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“Agent, write to Bet9ja once more. On the off chance that they didn’t respect our welcome, we will ask the National Lottery Commission to seal their workplaces,” he said.

As per him, the Senate is attempting endeavors gone for helping the Lottery Commission to produce cash for the Federal Government.

“We need to see bet9ja. They can’t flee,” he said.

The administrator clarified that the check pursued arrangement of grumblings against the wagering organizations, including that “some don’t have workplaces while others have not been making settlements to the legislature.”

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“Some got the licenses however they are not working. The new guideline allows them one year to begin tasks,” he noted.

In the interim, around 20 other wagering organizations showed up before the board of trustees for the check work out.