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Sowore Still our AAC national chairman – Lagos chapter Reveal



The Lagos State Chapter of the African Alliance Congress (AAC) said Sunday that it would not recognize Leonard Nzenwa as national party president.

The Secretary of Publicity of the party in the state, Elias Ozikpu, expressed the position in an interview with the Nigeria News Agency (NAN) in Lagos.

He was reacting to the reported dismissal of Mr. Omoyele Sowore as National President for a party convention on August 9 in Owerri and the subsequent appointment of Nzenwa as the new president.

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Sowore, also the presidential candidate of the party in the 2019 elections and another 28, reportedly were expelled for alleged antiparty activities and insubordination at the convention.

The AAC presidential candidate is currently being held in connection with the recent “Revolution Now” march, he headed. However, Ozikpu described Nzenwa as an impostor, saying that Sowore was still the national president of the AAC.

He said the convention in which Sowore allegedly was expelled and Nzenwa announced that it was a “kangaroo arrangement” by those determined to hijack the party.

Ozikpu noted that Nzenwa had been expelled from the party previously at a recent convention in Abuja, and said there was no way that the AAC of Lagos and the genuine members would recognize him as president.

Nzenwa is not the president of the party. We do not recognize him in Lagos AAC, and the genuine members of the party do not know him as president.

“Our president is still Mr. Omoyele Sowore, and that is the leader we all know. Nzenwa is just an imposter, who wants to kidnap the party and that is why he and others went to Owerri to announce the expulsion of Sowore.

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“But the questions to ask are: why Owerri? Is Owerri the venue of the party? Who and who was at the so-called convention where he was announced as president? Everything was a kangaroo arrangement.

“We had our national convention recently in Abuja, and Nzenwa himself was expelled by the party while casting a vote of confidence in Sowore. Then Nzenwa cannot claim to be the national president.

“The national party secretary is putting a disclaimer in the newspapers to counter Nzenwa’s claim. He is not our president, and we do not recognize him.”

Ozikpu urged members to keep faith in the party and remain loyal to Sowore even with his current job. He described AAC as a group of people with the primary objective of having a country that works for everyone.