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Student runs out naked from bathroom as snakes take over Auchi Poly



The students, who reside in the Auchi Polytechnic Shelter, in the area of ​​the local government of Estako West of the state of Edo, have described the current situation within the institution as worrisome, asking the school administration to arrest the trend urgently. Ugly that can cause severe damage to students, especially with the current alleged invasion of the shelter by reptiles.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The inhabitants of the shelter, which include students, canteen operators, and business owners, told our journalist that they now live in fear since they do not know who could be the next victim of the recent discovery of snakes that now fall from the roof of the hostel.

According to sources, “we now live in fear of the recent discovery of snakes in the shelter. We are living in fear in this shelter, and the snakes were found and killed yesterday in one of the hostels for girls. Snakes are now everywhere, and nothing is being done about it.

“Someone (one of the girls) was bathing in the bathroom, and a snake almost fell on her. She ran naked. She was fortunate.

“Snakes are everywhere when you see this hostel, even in the portals offices, snakes have taken over, we are confused. They will not give us light to see or read even though some of us are writing an exam.”

“We are begging the school management to come to our aid and spray everywhere so we can be peaceful. Although management sent some people to mow the lawn but looked at it now, they don’t even resemble weed-like grasses. Not only the shelter, but they should also mow the lawn in learning areas such as Area 1, 2 and 3,” he said.

Meanwhile, a quick review of the polytechnic facilities in Area 1 to 3 shows that the institution needs special attention.

When reacting on the issue, the institution’s Public Relations Officer, Mustapha Osahiobugie, denied the narrative. He said the school hostel has priority on the preference scale in regards to students.

“Whether there is BEDC energy or not, we have two large generators reserved only for students so they can have an adequate power supply. I’m glad you’re a former student of the school, our hostel building has two floors.

We do a timely check every week, and none of our roofs is a compromise, the roofs are well covered, what snake we fall from the roof, I do not understand. So that’s not right, maybe the students who told him they don’t reside in the shelter.”

“In regards to the environment about sanity, the horticultural staff is fully in charge, but I will inform them immediately to review the sports complex and all the areas in question,” he added.