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Timi Dakolo’s wife reveal How she was raped by COZA Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo



Busola, spouse of music star, Timi Dakolo, has made some dangerous exposure about COZA Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

She blamed the priest for assaulting her when she was still exceptionally youthful.

Busola, a mother of 3, in a meeting with Y!Naija, clarified how Pastor Biodun purportedly attempted to engage in sexual relations with her in his wedding home when she came to help his better half at the time she conveyed her first kid.

Timi Dakolo had blamed Fatoyinbo for exploiting ladies in COZA, and leaving them sincerely broken a short time later.

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Selections of the meeting are as beneath:

Busola Dakolo was conceived and lived a large portion of her initial life in Ilorin. The first occasion when she left Ilorin was for auxiliary school at Suleja and that time away permitted her truly discover her Christianity. She joined and rose to turn into the VP of the Gifted School Academy Suleja’s association and grasped a traditionalist way to deal with Christianity, becoming to end up wary of holy places and cooperations that attempted to duplicate common patterns as an approach to contact individuals outside the congregation.

She returned home for the occasions to find that her sisters had begun going to a non-denominational ‘youth club’ that grasped a wide range of individuals and concentrated on love and partnership over regulation and legalism. It took some time yet her sisters persuaded her to pass by disclosing to her she expected to meet various types of individuals, particularly previous whores and cultists that have given their lives to Christ.

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Busola reluctantly joined her sisters for the adolescent club, however she wasn’t happy there, mostly on account of the way they revered and on the grounds that I was the most youthful individual there. After the administration, there was a novices call, and Busola stood up and presented herself, clarifying her underlying distrust and how their love had altered her perspective. After the administration, the minister of the club, an a lot more youthful Biodun Fatoyinbo came searching for her after the administration.

Minister Biodun wasn’t yet hitched ( however he was locked in to his present spouse) and the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) wasn’t yet a congregation, it was called Divine Delight Club.

He communicated his shock at how intense she was for somebody so youthful and urged all her talking up for herself. He likewise figured out how to persuade her to sing at their next gathering before she left back for school. To sell this thought, he offered to by and by practice with her, referencing that he played the console. This was before cell phones and web, so Busola’s sister needed to take her to Fatoyinbo, who was living with his folks at the time.

Despite the fact that Busola recalls the tune they practiced, their practice was uneventful, and at the following gathering she played out, her exhibition moving enough that a previous cultist who was going to the club open revoked his past and grasped Christianity. After, the individuals from the club attested her and Fatoyinbo persuaded her through blessings of books and tape tapes to continue going to their club when she was back home from school.

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Coming back to class and the more preservationist revere condition she was utilized to was more earnestly than she had foreseen. For the remainder of her auxiliary school year, she battled with blame, rearranging between her job in the moderate Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) and the more liberal universe of Fatoyinbo’s COZA. She believed she was carrying on with a double life. In the long run she graduated and returned home to locate that Divine Delight Club had developed into a congregation headed by Fatoyinbo, and her sisters had persuaded her family to join the congregation. It felt like the main alternative she needed to join too.


Busola had grasped conservatism since she’d experienced childhood in a polygamous family and she needed some authority over her very own life in administration of an option that is greater than herself. Her dad was to a great extent missing in her life and her mom had attempted to shield them from the monetary trouble that accompanied child rearing her and her sisters alone however she saw and it influenced her profoundly.

Traditionalist Christianity gave her motivation and the structure she frantically ached for. She joined the ensemble at COZA as an approach to coordinate into the congregation and free herself of the uneasiness she felt towards the congregation. Being in the ensemble made her obvious and in the end Fatoyinbo would look into her, intriguing himself to her home under the appearance of becoming more acquainted with her better.

The first occasion when he visited, he inquired as to whether she’d go along with him on an errand run. Her mom was concerned however didn’t generally push when Busola demanded that she needed to go. They drove in his white Mercedes Benz lastly represented the first run through. In spite of the fact that she was regularly watched around men, Fatoyinbo was beguiling, utilizing his insight into her family and the nonattendance of her dad to pick up her trust. A little while later, he was visiting the house routinely, captivating her in manners her unavoidably far off sisters weren’t.

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Fatoyinbo appeared at her home unannounced. It was a Monday morning early enough that Busola Dakolo was still in her robe. Her mom had gone with her sisters and were missing at administration the past sunday. He didn’t let out the slightest peep, compelling her onto a seat, talking just to order her to do as he said. It took Busola some time to deal with what was going to occur, and it was the reason she didn’t battle or make an object when he pulled down her clothing and assaulted her. She recalls that he didn’t utter a word after, left to his vehicle, came back with a jug of Krest and constrained her to drink it, presumably as some rough prophylactic. She recollects that him saying.

“You ought to be glad that a righteous man did this to you.”

Right now, his better half had quite recently brought forth their first youngster, Oluwashindara.


Busola talked up on the grounds that her significant other, the vocalist Timi Dakolo set up an online networking post on Instagram blaming Nigerian church for supporting assault and rape. Individuals had moved toward him namelessly about Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo focusing on underage young ladies for sexual connections and he felt committed to openly talk up for their benefit. His posts had made serious backfire and backing and started bits of gossip about who the subject of his post was and who the unfortunate casualties were. This wasn’t the first run through Timi Dakolo had spoken up about rape and he knew about what had befallen her from the earliest starting point of their relationship.

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What inspired her to talk up about her assault was an internet based life post from a mysterious record that had intimated that she had been wanton as an adolescent and had illicit relationships with ministers when she lived in Ilorin and scrutinized the paternity of her youngsters.

The truth was, as opposed to the created unbridled youngster, Busola Dakolo was a detached young lady, startled of Fatoyinbo whose salvation story intensely included his past as a religion part. She was too frightened to even think about telling her sisters or mom about his savagery, stewing peacefully for seven days. Her sisters were dynamic in the congregation, and to stay away from doubt she tailed them to chapel the following Sunday. She recalls that he talked about beauty during the administration and after, Modele Fatoyinbo asks that she come to assist her with her new child, something she had never done. It was typical for chapel individuals to come serve at the minister’s home so her sisters alleviated her dissents.

Feeling she had no alternatives, she went to her minister’s home, Fatoyinbo attempted to segregate her soon thereafter from his significant other and their little girl by demanding she rested in the family’s visitor room. She figured out how to ruin his arrangements, speaking to the minister’s significant other to give her rest access their main room.

“Nobody overlooks me.”

He would reveal to her this the following morning, smacking her butt. It was an unfavorable enough articulation that Busola ended up worried and attempted to go out once it was past nightfall. It was the first of numerous dangers she would get from the colorful minister. Fatoyinbo would demand dropping her off at home, despite the fact that she dissented a few times.

Rather than dropping her off at the intersection as he had guaranteed, he bypassed, pushing her far from wellbeing and towards a separated spot. He undermined her the whole drive, making decrees about how he claimed her and how he was irate that he had obstructed her the prior night. He opened the vehicle, hauled her out of the traveler situate and assaulted her a second time over the course of about seven days. First behind the vehicle, at that point moving her to the hat for straightforward entry.

She didn’t battle, she had lost all her will to. She’d secured her virginity for such a long time that having it commandingly taken along these lines broke her. He guided once again into the vehicle when he was done, and revealed to her he adored her, talking about how he’d told his ministers that godly men assaulted ladies, that there was nothing exceptional about what he did. He dropped her off outside her home as if everything was typical. She washed following and didn’t leave her space for three days, yet while her kin were stressed over her, nobody made any associations between her abrupt state of mind and her wedded minister.

Busola’s family was a ‘congregation family’, a family so engaged with chapel exercises that their house was routinely utilized as an inn for visiting priests and visitors of the congregation. Fatoyinbo had misused that, and did it again when he showed up the following Sunday, to inquire as to why she hadn’t gone to chapel that Sunday. She feared attracting consideration regarding herself, so she went to chapel the following Sunday, and continued onward, despite the fact that she left the ensemble and started to voice her dispute towards Fatoyinbo.



A dream was the catalyst for Busola opening up for the first time about Fatoyinbo raping her. Her elder sister had relocated to Lagos, and she pleaded to visit, drained from avoiding the pastor. In Lagos, her sister who she believes has the Sight, told her about a dream she had had, where she’d seen Busola crying, blood on a chair and Fatoyinbo smiling. She asked her pointedly, breaking months of silence and starting a flood of admissions about the rape and everything that had happened.

Her sister convinced her to return to Ilorin and together they told her other sisters and her brother, who was studying at the University of Ilorin. Her brother flew into a rage, grabbing a pocket knife and taking her to Fatoyinbo’s house. He was able to intercept them before they reached his house, and together with Wole Soetan, who she suggests is now the pastor of the COZA Portharcourt branch, convince them to return home and that Fatoyinbo would follow.

The pastor and two of his church members would eventually come to pacify her family, blaming the devil and Soetan even promising to leave the church to show how little tolerance he had for promiscuity. After Soetan would confide in Busola that he couldn’t leave the church because he felt Fatoyinbo was ‘weak’ and needed spiritual guidance and support. He convinced her siblings to keep the rape and assault from her mother.

Numb to all emotion, Busola pretended to concede and after two weeks of constant visitation from the pastors and the unspoken implication that Fatoyinbo was an alleged reformed cultist with a lot to lose if news of her rape went public, she returned to the church to protect her family and project normalcy. It was clear to her at this point that she would never feel comfortable within organized religion.

Fatoyinbo continued to target Busola in the intervening months, organizing prayer sessions and specialized deliverance sessions with guest pastors to help ‘repair’ her ‘bondage’ and suggesting to her that the violence he had meted towards her was a problem they both had in common and needed communal deliverance, Busola would find out that Fatoyinbo had been telling church members that she wasn’t ready for a relationship when the pastor’s cousin befriended her. Their time would eventually develop into a relationship and she would confide in him about what had happened to her.