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Tragedy hits Bayelsa community as fisherman’s corpse floats in river



A local fisherman identified as Mr. Erogbanyon Pewo, 43, who disappeared since Sunday afternoon after a strange storm hit the Atlantic coast of the island of Brass, was found dead on the Brass jetty, even when the son is still missing.

It is said that the deceased, who comes from the Ogbokiri community, headquarters of the Akassa development center, went fishing in Twon Brass with his son.

GISTOK learned that it was believed that the fisherman and the missing son had drowned in the river due to the rising tide and high ocean current in the rainy season.

The child, whose name was not given, is the fourth of the deceased’s six children. Confirming the incident, the youth leader of the fishing village of Santana, of the Akassa clan,

Comrade Kune Johnbull, said that the incident occurred on Sunday when a strong storm hit and affected the structures and properties of the communities.

He said: “It even affected our roofs and caused a high roughness in the sea. During this period of June / July, the sea is usually very agitated, and there is no other option because fishing is the only source of our means of subsistence.

“These people must go fishing, some people, despite the rough sea, they still paddle in their canoes to feed their families while some try their luck by the riverside.

“The last case we recorded was a few years ago when two of my friends who went fishing were missing, and after a few days they were found, but we were able to revive them.

“This particular case is so pathetic because we have not even seen the child.” After several attempts by several people to search for the two missing persons, it was just the man we saw.

When GISTOK arrived at the Town Brass jetty, the business owners: the sellers of crabs and dried fish were in mourning, after the remains of the dead floating in the water were removed.

When the development was contacted, the Public Relations Officer of Bayelsa State Police, ASP Asimin Butswat, said that the command had not yet received any information about the mentioned accident.