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TRCN warns NYSC over posting non-education graduates as teachers



The Nigerian Teacher Registration Council (TRCN) has written a letter to the Director-General of the National Youth Services Corps (NYSC) to stop publishing graduates without education degrees to teach in schools.

The TRCN Registrar, Professor According to Ajiboye, made this revelation while speaking with journalists on Monday in Ibadan, the capital of the state of Oyo.

Ajiboye lamented that the majority of those who were published to teach in the mandatory one-year scheme does not have the necessary qualification to teach.

He noted that the education system becomes bastard when deployed to teach unskilled people without the necessary professional skills.

However, Ajiboye admitted that there are challenges of having qualified teachers in some states of the federation.

He stressed that most of those who teach in private nurseries and primary schools across the country do not have the qualification to teach.

Ajiboye also emphasized that those qualified must still be registered and professionally certified and authorized by the Board.

According to him, only qualified and well-trained and retrained teachers can achieve a transformed education from which young Nigerians can benefit.

“We have written a letter to the NYSC Director-General that only those who read Education should be sent to schools during their year of service. This will ensure that only round pins are placed in round holes.

“Why are doctors not published to teach? Why are Education graduates not sent to hospitals to operate the sick? If you cannot allow a teacher to treat you in the hospital, why should you allow a false teacher to teach your children and destroy their future? We must not degrade the teaching profession.

“State governors must also make sure they train and retrain those in their schools. The development of human capital must be taken seriously to transform our educational system, ”he said.