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Victoria Kimani reacts to allegation of sleeping with Wizkid



Victoria Kimani has reacted to the accusation that she had sex with Wizkid. She spoke in reaction to a comment from an accuser on Twitter. The user had attacked Kimani for his reaction to the ongoing contest between Vector and MI.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The accuser, named Pearl, had claimed that Kimani was sleeping with Wizkid while the star was dating Tania Omotayo.

She tweeted: “Victoria, you are a real misfortune for femininity and the Chocolate City team that has supported you for years, even with all your evil behavior. I will expose you for the person you are since you decided to get involved in what does not concern you.

“The same CC team, including Ice and M, were the ones who begged you when you were always going to sleep with Wiz, even when you knew I was dating Tania, and she caught you and almost hit your butt because you had to jump out the window.”

“Now you go out with your badass to talk about these same people. I beg you to try to deny it because I have receipts and more of the kind of person you are — the biggest snake of all. Just sit here! “(Sic)

Reacting, Kimani did not confirm or deny having slept with Wizkid.

She tweeted: “Lmao. Aww, this was cute. 1. You must be one of M’s secondary girls who had worked for free in the same office where her girl worked. 2. I can sleep with anyone whenever I want … however I want. in any position you want … so what’s next? 3. I love you, sister.”