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Where is Aketi: Uneasy calm in Ondo over Akeredolu’s whereabouts



The apprehension is currently in the air in the state of Ondo regarding the whereabouts of the state governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.

Latest Nageria newspaper report that Akeredolu, who was billed for the return of his annual vacation on October 4, 2019, has not been seen in the state or any other function in and out of the country since his vacation.

Meanwhile, with the #WhereIsAketi trend in the state, there have been rumors circulating around the governor’s health status with the claim that he is unwell and is currently being treated in an undisclosed location.

In addition to raising questions about the governor’s welfare, Akeredolu disappeared on Thursday when President Buhari received the governors of nine states that make up the Board of the Niger Delta Development Commission at the State House.

With the deputy of other state governors representing their bosses who could not attend the meeting, HE. Agboola Ajayi, who had ceased to function as interim Governor since the expiration of the governor’s license, was also absent from the Presidential Villa.

While the meeting on the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, was taking place at the State House in Abuja, the Vice Governor was, however, in Lagos representing the governor at the wedding ceremony of the daughter of the Commissioner of Finance in the state, Wale Akinterinwa.

In reaction to Akeredolu’s rumors of ill health, the State Information Commissioner, Mr. Donald Ojogo, stated that the governor is in good condition since he has been attending a series of meetings in Abuja.

Latest Nageria newspaper report that Ojogo added that after the resumption of his annual vacation, Akeredolu decided to stay in Abuja in the interest of the state, and emphasized that he would soon return to the state.

“We have been hearing all kinds of things about the governor, but I want to tell you that they are insinuations of those who do not have good intentions for this state.”

“Sir. The governor went for his annual vacation. After spending 10 days, he returned to attend some domestic problems and shortly after his daughter’s wedding, he proceeded for the rest of the vacation and returned on October 4 (2019). Since then, he has been to Abuja to address many important issues, including political meetings, because he does not want to go to Abuja every day.

“So, Akeredolu is not hospitalized since he is being hinted at. His absence has not affected governance in the state. But we don’t want to be frivolous with anyone. What they are selling is not true. Those stories are about those who don’t have good intentions for this state. ”

As residents of the state of Ondo continue to wait for the appearance of their governor in the state, they hope to see him on Saturday, October 19, 2019, when he will be awarded the prize for best innovative governor in Africa by AfricanStride International in Abuja.