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Why greater attention must be paid to securing Nigerians – Sen. Gyang



Following the persistent security situation in the country, the senator representing the North Plateau Senate District, Istifanus Gyang, has said that every part of the country requires rapid, sustained and sufficient coverage to meet its emerging security challenges.

The legislator asked all Nigerians and governments at all levels to reconsider their attitude towards the security of the entire nation. Gyang stated this in a conversation with journalists in Jos, the capital of Plateau state.

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He said: “Many years ago, the people of Plateau were under intense pressure from terrorism; the villages were invaded and burned, the places of worship were bombed and civil and even the uniformed forces were killed. But little was done.

“Many people across the country thought that this was our problem at Plateau State. But look what we have today in Sokoto, Zamfara, Kaduna, Katsina, the whole northeast, I mean, the places you would never have thought could be affected are all groaning under the insurgency. We are not happy to see all this.

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“But what if the situation in Plateau was handled quickly and efficiently? “Wouldn’t we have contained the situation and prevented it from lasting so long and affecting so many other communities in the country at the same time?” He asked.

Continuing, he said, “In fact, if the situation on the plateau were treated as a child, it would have given us some important lessons about being proactive and effective in safety management.”

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Gyang, who is the vice president of the Senate Defense Committee, appealed to security agencies, the federal government and all critical stakeholders involved in managing the country’s security architecture to rethink their strategy to respond to emerging situations and show a more significant commitment to ensuring Nigeria as a whole.

“We must take all possible measures so that Nigerians feel safer and can live more productive lives to get out of poverty. There should be no part of our country that is at the mercy of marauders with any name,” he emphasized.