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Why you should stop keeping wealth for your children – cleric



A Cleric, Rev. Fr. Stephen Onyeka, on Sunday, accused guardians who work and get riches for their kids for adding to the high rate of recklessness and absence of skillfulness among adolescents in the nation.

Onyeka, who is likewise the Director, St. Louis Guanella Center, Ibadan, said this during his message at Saints Timothy and Titus Catholic Church, Isheri-Osun, Lagos.

He said that numerous guardians buckle down and languished to keep riches over their youngsters as opposed to showing their kids how to function for their own riches and act naturally dependent.

As indicated by him, such guardians are advancing lethargy and languid frame of mind towards self improvement among their kids.

“Most guardians today spend their lifetime aggregating riches for their youngsters notwithstanding for the unborn ones.

“Since they have gotten everything for these youngsters, they won’t permit them figure out how to be autonomous.

“The majority of these kids will grow up declining to be mindful, adroit, confident and beneficial, all since they are depending on legacy either in type of money or resources.

“We have to know this reality, you can’t esteem what you didn’t work for. The majority of these kids waste or blunder these riches.

“Go to our courts today, you will see kin battling and killing each other over legacy.

“This is a noteworthy issue in our nation today and our folks should be cautious with how they raise their kids,” he said.

Onyeka asked guardians to show their youngsters that diligent work was the main key to gaining a living, getting to be mindful and autonomous just as making progress throughout everyday life.