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Wole Soyinka reveals why he maintains his stand against hate speech bill



The Nobel Prize, Prof. Wole Soyinka has revealed why he opposed the hate speech Bill proposed by Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi.Soyinka explained that he was opposed to the hate speech bill because it would limit freedom of expression and access t o information.

The Nobel Prize, who spoke at a summit to commemorate United Nations International Day against Corruption in Abuja on Monday, said that despite being a victim, he would not support any attempt to “terminate recourse to information”.

According to Soyinka: “We all are disgusted with fake news, hate news, destabilising and toxic news, but let’s ask ourselves seriously what we think we are doing if we start chopping off the heads of those whom we think have offended our sensibilities, either as individuals or as institutions, especially if such actions terminate the possibility of free expression, even though sometimes there is abuse of that expression.

“I am here as one of those people who have been most affected by hate news, fake news, even to the extent that they stole, abused and used my identity in all kinds of ways, against what I really believe.” .

“But I will be the last person to support any idea of ending an appeal to information simply because some people abuse the means to do so. And the answer to that is to kill people or put them before a firing squad?

“When you take a combination, therefore, of an important principle, an almost central security institution, you take that next to that of a legislative chamber, reduce the possibility of an open society and it seems that we have all been incorporated a plantation of slaves “.