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You have to reveal inhuman treatment against Nigerians – Gbajabiamila tells China



The leadership of the House of Representatives expressed dissatisfaction with the inhuman treatment inflicted on certain Nigerians by the Chinese authorities in Beijing.

He said China should explain its humiliating action against the Nigerians, adding that the House was awaiting news from the Chinese ambassador at least Tuesday next week.

House Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila said this Thursday during a meeting with Zhou Pingjian, the Chinese ambassador to Nigeria.

Legislators have said that the inhuman treatment of Nigerians in the Asian country must be dealt with immediately.

Gbajabiamila confronted Pingjian with the protest video of the incident, where a Nigerian was seen challenging Chinese officials over the mistreatment.

Also present at the meeting were the leader of the minority, the representative Ndudi Elumelu and the deputy leader of the minority, the representative Toby Okechukwu.

The president went further, saying that Beijing viral media reports / videos showed citizens of the West African nation evicted from their homes and hotels, arrested and their passports seized by Chinese police.

He noted that the viral videos also showed that some Nigerians were forced into another 14-day quarantine after the first 14 days they spent for the same purpose during the Covid-19 pandemic in China.

Gbajabiamila told Pingjian that there should be an official explanation for treating Nigerians in this way.

He demanded to know if the Chinese ambassador had raised the issue with his country of origin, adding: “If diplomatic relations between our two countries are in the mutual interest of our citizens, then there must be respect for our citizens, and we must not compromise it.

“As a government, we will not allow Chinese or other nationals to be maltreated just as we will not allow Nigerians to be maltreated in other countries.

“The way you treat your citizens, we expect that’s how you’ll treat others. We will not tolerate our citizens breaking your laws, but the crime of one citizen cannot be used to stigmatize the whole country.

“It appears that’s what happened in this case. You can’t use one brush to smear the whole wall. Whatever the reason, it cannot be used and taken out on the entire community in China”.

In his response, Ambassador Pingjian said though he has not been officially informed about the details of the incident, he would take it up with the home government.

Speaking further, Gbajabiamila said the House will expect feedback from the Ambassador as soon as possible, saying “We are glad you are looking into it but we are hoping to have it at least by Tuesday.

“It is better we nip it in the bud so that it doesn’t escalate to another level. So, by Tuesday, if you have the information to give us, if steps have been taken, let’s talk about it and let’s see the way forward.”