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You’re a pathological liar – Muslim group insists Wike demolished mosque in Rivers



The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), an Islamic human rights organization has once again attacked Governor Nyesom Wike and his administration for the alleged demolition of a mosque in the state of Rivers.

The Nigeria newspaper report that The group, in a statement on Wednesday by its director, Ishaq Akintola, also called Wike, a pathological liar for “refusing to deny the demolition of the Trans-Amadi mosque.”

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Was he shot down by the invading elephants? Was there a cyclone in Port Harcourt? Wike can say that to the Marines. Nigerians have seen a manifestation of the five evils that Chamberlain talked about in the state of Rivers: brute force, bad faith, injustice, oppression, and persecution,” he said.

The group recalled that “Only two months ago (June 2019), he said:” Rivers State is a Christian state and I have no apologies for saying that. ”

“A Southwestern cleric who was at the meeting congratulated him for making such a statement. Any reasonable person will link the two incidents. We are forced to commend Wike for walking his talk. It was like, ‘I told people that this state is Christian and that they are still building a new mosque. Boys! Go and pull down! ”

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“He admitted to demolishing” an illegal structure. “But how can a building whose plan was approved by the state government before he took office to be unlawful? For the avoidance of doubt, the building inspection plan number is AI / RV2009 / D13, and the building plan number is RTP / 09/617. The state government approved both since 2009.

“As far as Nigerians are concerned, those two documents are vital, and a mosque is a mosque, be it a complete structure, half or a full quarter. Muslims congregate there and worship. There are incomplete mosques throughout Nigeria where Muslims worship daily. The case of the Trans-Amadi mosque cannot be isolated.

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“Just yesterday, a church leader boasted that he had planted 65,000 churches in six months. He has our best wishes, but no state governor has the right to demolish our mosques no matter how poor they may seem.

We value the devotion of Muslim worshipers and the serenity of our poor mosques more than any exterior ornament. Didn’t the Bible say that God is a spirit, and those who worship him should worship him in spirit and truth? (John 4:24)